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This book gives you:

      • Seven Key Principle to Receiving Blessings of God

      • Supporting Scripture

      • Encouragement

      • Important Narrative

More Is Coming – Receiving Your Blessings From God
by Liz Darnell

God is faithful in all things. He wants to bless you each and every day! In More Is Coming, you will find scripture and encouragement as you seek God for your needs. He is able to give you more than you can even realize. He is able to open doors that you can’t see. He has an abundance of blessings and successes waiting for you. Stand in faith believing that God is more than enough. You will see that there is nothing impossible with God. There is no mountain too high. There is no circumstance too complicated. All things are possible with God. In a world of challenge and struggle it is often easy to become discouraged and wonder if God really hears your prayers or if the answer will ever come. The journey of life can lead the traveler down a road that seems no closer to the answer than the day before. How does one break the vicious cycle and discover the abundant success God intended for their life? Liz gives you an inside look into God’s principles on the promise of multiplication, the blessings for today and the future, and teaches you how to wait patiently on the process. Liz shares real-life examples with readers of God’s faithfulness and encourages readers to stay out of the pit while they wait on the promise, doing all for God’s glory. You will be convinced More Is Coming after reading this book and decide to keep traveling toward your goals. “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37 KJV You will find hope and promise that More Is Coming!



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Paperback version of More Is Coming – Receiving Your Blessings From God, by Liz Darnell, 6” x 9”, 67 pages, 9oz.

3 reviews for More Is Coming – book

  1. Joshua Morgret

    “If you enjoyed Moving Forward with God, you are going to love More Is Coming. Use this book to draw closer to God and to continue building your relationship with the greatest friend you could ever have.” -Joshua Morgret

  2. Pastor Clarence E. Mullins Jr.

    “God began to speak to Liz about writing a second book, and with many prayers and hours of preparation, God has blessed her to write this book. In this book, Liz will be sharing the great blessings that we can receive from the Lord if we just trust Him and believe.” -Pastor Clarence E. Mullins Jr.

  3. Wil Higgerson

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2020

    A read well worth the time.
    Liz has a way of presenting what for many are difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner.

    Most of humanity desires blessings, wonderful things given to us freely.

    Much of humanity is unaware of the trove of blessings promised to us. Indeed, many people don’t even know how to identify a blessing when they receive it.

    Liz has authored this easy, quick read that addresses just that.

    Embracing the truths outlined in this work will not only guide one toward the blessings God has promised, it will aid in recognizing blessings we may otherwise overlook.

    Read this piece and feel your gratitude swell as your awareness of the many blessings in your life are revealed.

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